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January 8, 2007

Dreamlinux 2.2 Screenshots

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The final version of Dreamlinux 2.2 Multimedia Edition has been released. Having many improvements compared with the previous version, Dreamlinux 2.2 Multimedia Edition brings countless new features. The kernel is 2.6.18, and the distro uses Debian ‘testing’ repositories. A greater number of applications for multimedia have been added, allowing to open and manipulate many different types of audio and video files. Beyond the many updates, other refinements have also been incorporated: upgrade assistant, new control panel, and the ‘Easy-Install’ application that allows the user to install non-Debian programs like Google Earth, Picasa, Opera, etc. – DistroWatch. Screenshots of Dreamlinux 2.2 are available at LinuxQuestions.org.



  1. I like Dreamlinux very much, but I had a problem with the 2.2 release version installer that I did not have with the release candidate version. It skipped the last stages of the installation with defaults, overwriting my MBR with grub when I intended to install grub to the Linux partition only. Similarly I lost the option to configure user accounts in setup, being left instead with defaults. Not fatal, but lower quality performance than I had in the release candidate . . .

    Comment by amateurviola — January 10, 2007 @ 7:10 am

  2. I had the same problem, as amateurviola, but I was able to fix grub later. I would prefer if they used a more standard installer, otherwise this distro is really cool.

    Comment by NAyK — January 12, 2007 @ 8:53 am

  3. To clarify what I said earlier, I don’t think it actually did overwrite the MBR with grub in my case — I think I left the liveCD in the drive, and it didn’t write anything! I was still left with the problem of installing GRUB on my own, which gave me trouble. While presenting the installer with an empty partition in ReiserFS format, I was able to perform a clean install, but ReiserFS seemed to give me problems elsewhere.

    By the way, for anyone reading this, in my experience if the installer warns you that you have existing files on your partition — even if you just formatted it — then that installation will not continue after the transfer of files. To set up your root password, user account, and grub installation, try again from the beginning with a reformatted partition.

    I think Dreamlinux has a great look and great functionality — easily the nicest LiveCD I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a few. But the installer, which I believe is essentially the Morphix installer, really lets the product down. It is not easy to use, very finicky in its unspoken assumptions, and will easily break the installation (and boot setup) if not treated very gently.

    Comment by amateurviola — January 15, 2007 @ 9:33 am

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