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January 9, 2007

I replaced Rhythmbox with Exaile; Install howto for ubuntu-edgy

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My preferred player on Edgy Eft was Rhythmbox, but after a review on linux.com I decided to try Exaile.

On The exaile website , I did not see any proper download links for Ubuntu, so it was time to check out ubuntuforums.org on exaile.

The downloadlink posted there was from april 13th so i decided to have a look in the download-folder.

And surprise surprise, in that folder, Jan-8 (yesterday) was the release date of exail_0.2.8. 🙂

So I clicked the downloadlink in firefox and opened it with GDebi, instead of downloading it, hunt for the dependencies and using dpkg -i ……etc.

“GDebi is, in my opinion, a great installer for single packages in Ubuntu and I higly recommend GDebi; it also resolves and downloads the needed dependencies.”

Anyway, Exaile is on my Ubuntu-Gnome desktop, configuring was a breeze and it runs like a charm.

Gnome users, who like Amarok as a media player, might find an excellent gtk2 replacement in Exaile indeed.

Lets hope Exaile will be available in the repositories of Ubuntu soon.



  1. […] Funny bit is that this post did not include Exaile, in my opinion a very nice player. […]

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  2. I followed the instructions and got everything working just fine. This is much better than rhythmbox. the streaming radio has many more stations already built in by default

    Comment by VandyMan — January 20, 2007 @ 10:21 pm

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