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January 16, 2007

BSD Release: FreeSBIE 2.0

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Matteo Riondato has announced the release of FreeSBIE 2.0, a major new version of the popular FreeBSD-based live CD based: “FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE available! FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE (codename Clint Eastwood) is based on the fresh FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, both in terms of sources and packages.” FreeSBIE is one of the growing numbers of FreeBSD-based live CDs, booting into the Xfce or Fluxbox desktop and sporting a number of popular applications, such as Firefox The latest version also adds the ability to backup and restore data on a hard disk and provides privacy enhancing features with Tor and Privoxy.

DistroWatch.com:: More…

FreeSBIE is a live system on CD, or an operating system that is able to load directly from a bootable CD, without any installation process, without any hard disk. It’s based on the FreeBSD operating system. FreeSBIE project goals are mainly two: to develop a suite of programs to be used to create your own CD, with all the personalisations you like, and to make various ISO images available, maybe each one with different goals and possible uses. The project is developed by the main Italian FreeBSD User Group: GUFI.


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