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January 17, 2007

Install of Flash Player 9 for Linux on Ubuntu:

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I downloaded the last stable Flash Player 9
Removed the Ubuntu package:

sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree

If you installed flash in another way, just make sure the old package is being removed.

Unpack the install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz with nautilus; (right-klick, extract here..)
then in terminal:

cd /path/to//install_flash_player_9_linux/

I am installing it locally (not using sudo) for Firefox,so I can easily remove it when the official Ubuntu package comes out:


this is what you see with a local firefox install:

tuxi[install_flash_player_9_linux]$ ./flashplayer-installer

Copyright(C) 2002-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC. All rights reserved.

Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed on this machine.

You are running the Adobe Flash Player installer as a non-root user.
Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed in your home directory.

Support is available at http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/

To install Adobe Flash Player 9 now, press ENTER.

To cancel the installation at any time, press Control-C.

NOTE: Please exit any browsers you may have running.

Press ENTER to continue…

———– Install Action Summary ———–>

Adobe Flash Player 9 will be installed in the following directory:

Mozilla installation directory = /home/tuxi/.mozilla

Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): y

NOTE: Please ask your administrator to remove the xpti.dat from the
components directory of the Mozilla or Netscape browser.

Installation complete.

Perform another installation? (y/n): n

Please log out of this session and log in for the changes to take effect.

The Adobe Flash Player installation is complete.

If you wish to remove the plugin :
rm /home/your_username/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so


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