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January 25, 2007

Xandros ships v4.0 “professional”

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Xandros ships v4.0 “professional” Linux desktop

Xandros announced today that it is now shipping its new Desktop Professional 4.0 boxed product, which features enhanced network integration, advanced 3D capabilities, Bluetooth wireless support, and its own desktop search function. It sports a 2.6.18 kernel and the KDE desktop as a default.

Xandros Desktop Professional, which has been available as a download since November, also includes ISV support and boasts seamless compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Unix networks, a company spokesperson said.

The desktop also includes Windows domain authentication plus support for logon scripts, group policy profiles and Microsoft Exchange, the spokesperson said.

Additionally, Desktop Professional is claimed compatible with Windows servers and said to provide a secure, stable alternative to costly Windows desktop upgrades. “Seamless” integration into existing Windows-centric networks is provided through support of domain authentication, logon scripts, and group policy profiles.

Other key enterprise-class features, according to Xandros, include:

* Seamless access to shared Windows folders and printers
* The ability to write to Windows NTFS partitions
* Seamless Microsoft Exchange connectivity
* Xandros Network Connection System for wired, wireless, mobile and VPN network connections and security profiles
* Thin clients and terminal emulation
* Dual-Core, SMP and Hyper-Threading support
* Ready for mass deployment in enterprise settings via xDMS, Xandros Deployment and Management Server

Desktop Professional incorporates the latest industry standards, including the Linux Standards Base (LSB) 3.1 and the OASIS OpenDocument format for global file compatibility. Integrated Portland 1.0 tools address the diverse needs of business clients by enabling third-party software developers to integrate their applications, regardless of the desktop deployed.

Standard features, according to the company, include:

* OpenOffice.org 2.0.3 office suite
* Thunderbird email client
* GIMP 2.2.6 graphics editor
* Firefox 2.0 browser
* amaroK 1.4.3 media player

The Xandros Desktop Professional boxed set is priced at $99.99.


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