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January 29, 2007

Distribution Release: Nonux 4.1

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Nonux, a Dutch Linux distribution based on Slackware with Dropline GNOME and optimised for desktop use in Dutch business environments, has reached version 4.1. What’s new? Upgraded the Linux kernel to version; upgraded Mozilla Firefox to; upgraded OpenOffice.org to 2.1.0; replaced WiFi Radar with NetworkManager, which simplifies network detection and configuration considerably; several small upgrades of Slackware and GNOME packages. Users with Nonux 4.0 installed on their hard disk can upgrade to version 4.1 directly from the live CD. Please visit the project’s news page (in Dutch) to read the full release announcement. Download (MD5) the Nonux 4.1 CD image from here: nonux-4.1.iso (698MB).

Nonux is a Dutch Linux distribution, a combined live and installation CD based on Slackware and GNOME. It is optimised for business use, with some applications localised into Dutch. The main features of Nonux are automatic hardware detection, careful selection of business and office applications, and presence of tools for a seamless integration into an existing (Windows) software and network environment.


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  1. excellent distro apart from the rubbish wallpapers provided.
    I personally use blood-red solid color which contrasts well with the default black grey-offwhite theme.
    I use slackware packages from http://www.slacky.it repo

    Cannot understand why Mplayer and Spamassasin not include by default

    Comment by mike1 — February 6, 2007 @ 1:18 pm

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