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February 9, 2007

Development Release: Grafpup Linux 2.0 Snapshot

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The first development build of Grafpup Linux 2.0 has been released: “This release brings both a complete binary upgrade and a complete overhaul of the system architecture and init system. We are also now multi-user capable. For those who like living on the bleeding edge this release comes with GIMP 2.3.14 and the just released Inkscape 0.45, along with many other state of the art programs for creating digital art using Linux. Please note that this is a development release intended for testing purposes only.” Also new in this snapshot are kernel and the Openbox window manager which replaces IceWM. For more information please consult the release announcement and release notes. Download (MD5): grafpup-20070207-opera.iso (103MB), grafpup-20070207-seamonkey.iso (111MB).
DistroWatch.com: More…

Grafpup Linux is a desktop Linux operating system based closely on Puppy Linux. Its goal is to be as useful to graphic designers and other imaging professionals as possible while still remaining extremely small and fast. Grafpup is a live CD of only 75MB with current versions of GIMP, Cinepaint, Inkscape, and Scribus. Grafpup is also very user-friendly, with wizards for doing most system tasks like connecting to the internet and installing to hard disk or USB drive. There is also a powerful package management system, “pupget”, with a very extensive and ever increasing list of additional packages available for easy installation.


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