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March 2, 2007

So you made it to #ubuntu on IRC, what next ?

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If you have made it to #ubuntu and are a bit overwhelmed, here are some tips.

  • Find your preferred language for Ubuntu support, if you are not good in English. Usually a question like “is there a (your-language)channel for support ?” will get you a quick answer. To get into that channel key in /j #ubuntu-your-language, or look here to find your channel
  • Find a unique nick and change to that nick with the command /nick your-username.
  • Register you new nick with the command /Nickserv REGISTER password email . Use a valid email address, it might come in handy if you lose your password. Without registering certain features like private messaging wont work.
  • If you have a question, just ask your question; dont ask to ask.
  • After asking your question, be patient and don’t get upset if you get no answer; there is not always someone around who knows the answer. You can ask your question again after a few minutes if you do not hear anything.
  • Read the topic of the channel; it might have some valuable information for you, if you missed reading the topic or cannot see the topic message, the command /topic makes the topic visible.
  • Do not paste long textfiles into the channel, you might get banned or kicked for flooding. If you need to use long text files paste them into http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org and paste the link of the text file into the channel.

For more valuable information please read:

Help.ubuntu.com; IRC help and information, also for Kubuntu.
Ubuntu code of conduct
Freenode Faq (#ubuntu is on the freenode server)


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