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March 4, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The GPL3

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GPL3 wants to protect us, for example, from Tivoisation and deals like Novell made with Microsoft.

But do we need that protection?, I have not seen any harm done to Linux or foss, my Ubuntu box runs as smoothly as always, and am looking forward to Feisty, the next Ubuntu version.

In other words; do we need to be happy, or feel threatened with decisions companies make as far as GPL2 is concerned? (Reminds me of freedom of speech.)

Development of Linux and applications running on Linux goes faster and faster, and the general public acceptance of Linux on the desktop is increasing.

Maybe the Novell/Microsoft deal even helps with that process, contracting new, potential fud sensitive companies. Some say Tivoisation is a good thing for hardware compatible with Linux.

So Novell made some extra money this year, some Manufacturers found a trick to duck GPL2 to protect their products, so what ? Is doing business with Linux and Linux products not a good thing?

Why not add a few lines on Tivoisation, or deals like Novell/Microsoft if things do get out of hand, to GPL2?

When I read how Linus Torvalds is opposed to GPL3 and that he is happy with GPL2 it makes me wonder….

Linus Torvalds basically says: The Free Software Foundation has a new lock, want to set it up on my front door saying “From now on you are safe, here is the key, we’ll keep the spare keys to keep an eye on your safety”.

And lets be honest, would you trust a locksmith looking like Richard Stallman? (just kidding)

Lets make sure to keep foss free and open, and not change it to some sectarian religion, shutting out new ideas and tricks, how evil they may seem at first glance, for it would stop innovation.

A impenetrable wall around open source is just as bad as proprietary software.



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  1. Of course we need GPLv3!!!

    Microsoft, Apple and many other companys are threat to us. Too our computers. Computers will turn against us!!!

    Its the social side of GPL that we should look at not the economic one like Torvalds does.

    Comment by christooss — March 11, 2007 @ 1:43 am

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