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March 5, 2007

Novell Profits?

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Good Novell news seems to be coming off the presses.

According to SeekingAlpha and Linuxinsider Novell has posted a loss of $20 million this year, compared to $4 million last year, and yet has to spend about another $45 million for restructuring to make expenses lower.

Analysts say Novell’s earnings and revenue were below expectations.

However, thanks to the Novell-Microsoft deal, got a revenue of $230 million.

Overall revenue declined by 5 percent, but when you compare the whole ting to the last quarter of last year, we see a revenue growth of 46 percent and invoicing increase over 650 percent.

In short (according to SeekingAlpha:)

  • With the Microsoft deal Novell got more costumers
  • The Novell-Microsoft deal accelerated the Novell-Wal-mart deal
  • Novell seems to have gotten a halo

Also critics of Novell-Microsoft have to shut up from now on according to SeekinAlpha . Click here for the critics the story refers to.

Well I have no clue what those figures mean and see no reason why critics should shut up. although I am not a serious critic on the Novell-Microsoft deal.
Critics should never shut up! We need them!

Can someone explain what those figures mean?
Is Novell in more trouble then ever or are they doing well ? (Does Novell truly have a halo?)



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