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March 6, 2007

A top 10 List: Why Linux is not a NR1 O.S.

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  • The average person using a computer is stupid.

They have no clue about Linux, Open Source, Microsoft or anything running in/on their computer and replace their computer as soon as it halts due to viruses/spy-ware about once a (half) year.

  • Games

For some reason most games have no support for Linux, Why? Why? Why ?

  • ISP help-desks:

“We do not support Linux”

  • Fudd

“We are gonna sue YOU!! and all your secretly illegally used patents”

  • Software installation.

Autopackage is an attempt to enable software installation for all distros, without having to use root (locally installed packages).
I think overall developers should stick their heads together, get over their “my installer is superior” ideas, and develop something unified for local installs.

  • Money & Marketing

Marketing and Money; see how quick Ubuntu became a NR1 distro. (It is also a good distro though)

  • Lack of support from hardware manufacturers.

Hardware does not always support Linux, and reverse engineering takes time.

  • Availability of computers with Linux pre-installed is too low.

  • Evil

We miss evil like Microsoft has, control, monopolistic behaviour, anger; lets face it, making loads of money is more inspiring then being honest and open.

  • Timing

Microsoft jumped in on the right time and moment, Linux has not caught up (yet).

If you don’t understand certain words or phrases,you are probably “an average person using a computer” and should skip this story.



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