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March 6, 2007

Ubuntu Basics; Mouse Magic with Nautilus

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Gnome is known for its simplicity, so here is some Nautilus mouse-magic simplicity for you.

Open Places > Home Folder in your menu to open nautilus.

Go to the folder where the ISO image is,
Right-click the ISO and select burn to burn it do disc
Double-click the ISO to check the contents of the ISO

  • You wish to burn data on a CD-r(w) or DVD-r(w)

Insert the DVD or CD,
Double-click the CD/DVD icon that appears on the desktop,
Nautilus CD/DVD Creator opens,
Drag and drop the data into Nautilus CD/DVD Creator,
Select burn in Nautilus CD/DVD Creator, a dialog will pop up and the CD/DVD can be be created.
*If you inserted a DVD-rw of CD-rw containing data, the dialog will ask you if you wish to erase the disk.

  • Extracting archives

Right-click a package that needs to be extracted, select extract here.
Double-click a package to see its contents.

  • Debian packages

Double-click a Debian package and a dialog will pop up to install the package. (You need to be sure the package is compatible!)
Right-click a Debian package to extract it.

  • Handling of folders

Right-click a folder and you can rename it, archive it and check its properties and move it to trash.
Double-click a folder to go into the folder.

If you use Gnome and want some action done, remember:

  • A double-click does a default action, for example a movie is opened by Totem, a music-file is opened by Rhythmbox, etc.
  • A right-click opens a dialog asking you what you would like to do with the item you clicked..

That’s simplicity and ease of Gnome and mouse magic.



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