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May 11, 2007

Source Based Linux Distributions and Global Warming.

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Global warming is hot, and an old post on ZDNet, How Windows XP wasted $25 billion of energy – but will Vista be eco-friendly? reminded me of other power consuming hobbies: Source based Distro’ s.

Setting up and maintaining Gentoo Linux on an average pc takes many hours; on my AMD XP 2200+ with one gig ram it takes about 12 hours to set up Gentoo with a Gnome desktop,  for KDE a few hours more.

Maybe something to consider before deciding what Distro to use; besides being a distro, Gentoo is also a penguin living in the South Pole area, an area that might melt down due to global warming.


Gentoo Linux is used as an example for source based distro’s. Distrowatch.com has a list of source based distro’s. 


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