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June 4, 2007

Frugalware, more fun, more speed, more cutting edge.

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About a week ago I tried Frugalware 0.7pre1 (Sayshell), I used the netinstall ISO and installed it on my spare partition.

And wow! (See title), I am running cutting edge Linux, with the latest packages, a vast repository with plenty packages and KDE, Gnome or XFCE4 to choose as a DM.

Ubuntu is now somewhere deeply hidden in my subconscious mind (in the trash).

Frugalware is fairly easy to install for intermediate users, and on irc is help available; #frugalware on Freenode.

Frugalware-0.6 (Terminus) came out on March 22, 2007 and is the current stable version of Frugalware (not as bleeding but more stable of course).

So if you like speed and cutting edge, (or one of those) try Frugalware.



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  1. True , this is the most suitable distro for me 😛 , any appliacation i want or required is there in pacman , too fast , too easy , so with out a question its C00L 😀

    Comment by Codnix — June 4, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

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