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August 15, 2007

Opera-9.23 is out, so lets install it in Debian and/or Ubuntu

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Opera is not my favorite browser but who cares, lets give it a go.

Debian and Ubuntu:

You can choose between a static or a shared package, it basically means that if you don’t have any KDE packages installed you should get the static package; Its slightly bigger but it saves you a sac full of KDE Dependencies.

If you use any KDE components, get the shared package, it is smaller and the needed deps are installed anyway.

As root (or sudo)

dpkg -i opera-whatever.deb

If flashplugin-nonfree is installed, available in the repositories of Debian and Ubuntu, flash should work out of the box.

Java however does not work out of the box:

Java, the Debian way.

apt-get install sun-java6-plugin

Its available in the non-free repos of Lenny, not sure if its in Etch otherwise try sun-java5-plugin.

Now open the opera browser, Go to the Tools Tab, select preferences, and then select the advanced tab.
Now select Content, flag Enable Java and click the Java options button.
If you have sun-java6 installed, java path =


If you have sun-java5 installed, java path =


Now click validate Java Path and Opera should give you the ok message.

Thats if for the Debian Way

Java the Ubuntu way:

Is the Same as the Debian way except for the Java Path which is for sun-java6: (depending on your version!)


sun-java5 has:


Thats it, happy browsing.



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