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October 17, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy and Compiz Fusion? No thanks.

Filed under: Compiz, Gnome, NVidia, Tuxicity, Ubuntu — tuxicity @ 9:51 am

I recently installed Ubuntu-7.10rc and and since I have a NVidia card I opted for setting up the visual effects, a nice feature in Ubuntu-7.10.

I used it for a while but, tho its nice, its not my thing , the bling distracts me too much and honestly, I think this is more for KDE users.

I expect that many Gnome users will turn off this feature after having tried it for a while; On average Gnome users are not into bling.

For me visual effects in Ubuntu is comparable with having to work with a pretty lady with a deep cleavage, very nice but too distracting.




  1. I’d have to disagree with you about this. I run gutsy with compiz on gnome, and while the original effects settings were fairly intrusive, I’ve toned them down to be more on the level of Vista Aero’s effects (plus a bit of that nifty window wobble when you move them around). I’m satisfied with my configuration — but then again, I’d have no problem working with a pretty lady with deep cleavage. To each his own I guess — that’s what’s so great about Linux.

    Comment by James — October 20, 2007 @ 11:12 pm

  2. I, also, have to disagree with you about this. I run gutsy with compiz on gnome at home and at work and I even got compiz running smoothly on an old, old travel laptop of mine. I do almost all my work in terminals, but some of the ‘bling’ actually helps me be productive. I disabled many effects and enabled some others. The cube, ‘expo mode,’ and improved alt-tab (and other) application switchers make multiple workspaces more manageable than ever before. And true transparency for terminals is, to me, the most important feature. Every once in awhile, I’ll enable ‘opacify’ to be able to see thru windows as needed, if I’m managing lots of open windows.

    I never allow icons on my desktops and I hide all panels. I live and die by terminals. But I still find the ‘bling’ very helpful. And hell … it’s fun, too! Everyone in the office has wanted to know how to get the same effects. Work should be fun! (BTW, co-workers and Mac folks *really* love Avant Window Navigator – as does my girl-friend for our home computer)

    Comment by remi Taylor — October 30, 2007 @ 7:25 am

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