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June 4, 2008

Howto: Install NVIDIA manually in Ubuntu and Debian

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Since some prefer to install the NVIDIA driver manually here s how its done in Ubuntu and Debian.

First get the needed packages (Assuming you have the needed repositories) as root or sudo:

apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

————————————————–For Ubuntu users only—————————————————-

Purge nvidia-glx-new if it is installed:

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx-new –purge

Adjust your linux-restricted-modules-common file:

sudo nano -w /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common




DISABLED_MODULES=”nv nvidia_new”

In stead of using nano you can also use another editor of course.

——————————-End for Ubuntu users only———————–

Now download your NVIDIA Driver from here or, if you want an older one, go here (links may change in the future)

Now you have to drop into a terminal with the command ctrl-alt-f1

Log in as user and become root or use sudo and key in

killall gdm


killall kdm

to kill your X session.

Now you can install your NVIDIA driver with the command as root (Ubuntu users use sudo)

sh /path/to/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-whateverversion.run

When the installer asks if it should edit your xorg.conf choose yes (make sure you have your xorg.conf backed up!!)

After installation key in as root (sudo for ubuntu users)




You should now get back into your login screen. (If not try a reboot and otherwise you are pickled)

If you are not sure what this all means its better not to try any of this.
Ubuntu does not support this in any way shape or form.



Transmission 1.21 and GIMP 2.4.6 Have Arrived in Sid

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Todays updates in Debian Sid provided me with the latest stable version of Transmission and Gimp.

Transmission is the BitTorrent client I use; its light, fast and easy to use. Gimp has proven itself and needs no further comment.


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