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February 9, 2007

Mozilla updates Firefox 3.0 preview

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Mozilla Corp. yesterday released the second alpha version of what will become its Firefox 3.0 Web browser. The release is the latest milestone in a plan to put the open-source browser in users’ hands during the second half of the year.
Mozilla updates Firefox 3.0 preview :: More..


February 6, 2007

Speed Up Firefox web browser ?? Not really

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An article about speeding up your Firefox web browser caught my interest since I enjoy enhancing my Internet experience.

Unfortunately applying all these bells and whistles, explained with wonderfully detailed screenshots, did not do anything for me and my browser.

I can imagine after all those tweaks one believes his browser is faster, and even if he noticed no improvement what so ever, would he dare to admit to it ?

Well I dare and dare others to also admit there is nothing whatsoever faster on your Firefox web-browser after these, in my opinion, bogus tweaks.

January 29, 2007

Firefox 2.0: Subtle Changes, Big Difference

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Most of the new features in Mozilla’s Firefox 2.0 aren’t readily apparent, even to a seasoned Firefox aficionado. Once a user digs a little deeper, however, the new tools and capabilities become more obvious. Phishing protection automatically investigates suspect e-mail, an enhanced search tool suggests additional terms and Session Restore can save the user after a crash.
Linux News:: More…

January 25, 2007

XForms in Firefox

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Using the experimental Mozilla XForms extension, you can process XForms in your browser today. While not yet deployed widely enough for use on the public Internet, XForms may be suitable for some intranet applications. This article demonstrates basic XForms processing as currently supported by Firefox and the Mozilla XForms plug-in.
XForms in Firefox :: More…

January 19, 2007

Interview with Firefox Founder and Creator Blake Ross

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……………To answer your question, Firefox was designed to make Web browsing easier and more enjoyable for the largest number of people. This sometimes correlates with feature paucity, but not always. I think spell-checking is a great example of a feature that improves the experience and appeals to everyone without getting in the way. And “Places” is not a new feature but an upgrade of bookmarks and history to bring them into the 21st century……………

Interview with Firefox Founder and Creator Blake Ross » Opera Watch :: More…

IE7 being caught by Firefox despite 100 million installations

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Microsoft is crowing on its own blog that IE7 has just passed its 100 millionth download. What the blog doesn’t say, according to an Information Week article, is that most of the downloads are upgrades from IE6 and that the Mozilla Firefox browser continues to gain ground.

iTWire – IE7 being caught by Firefox despite 100 million installations :: More….

January 15, 2007

The Best of Firefox Extensions 2

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Mozilla Firefox has a Herculean following; I am sure, no would differ. Once you get your hands on something like that it’s only human to feel wanting for more. No wonder, everyone is all game to accessorize their firefox.

In the last feature, we glanced at some of the extensions for the same. Today’s yet another mix-bag of extensions combining your feedback, suggestions, and our research.

The Best of Firefox Extensions 2 ..>>.. More..

January 9, 2007

Firefox or Internet Explorer? Why Not Both?

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I’m an unlikely Solomon, but I do know what I would order if I were in charge: Use both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. There’s an awful lot to be gained by going through the refreshingly simple download and installation of Firefox 2 and running it alongside IE, which comes installed as part of Windows.

Linux News: More..

Change language in Firefox and Swiftfox web browsers

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First you need to install the language xpi that you want (Just click the .xpi to install it).Download .xpi file for Firefox/Swiftfox from here.

After you have installed the xpi file, open up a new window/tab. In the addressbar copy and paste


Hit enter and you will see a list of stuff. Now copy and paste the following into the search/filter area


Now you will se only one entry, doubleclick on it and add the code for your language (the same as the xpi file).
So if you installed the sv-SE.xpi you enter sv-SE.

After this, restart Firefox/Swiftfox and you have your preffered language.

Original from: Debian Admin

January 7, 2007

The Best of Firefox Extensions

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The major factor differentiating Mozilla from IE is the fact that you can add extensions to Firefox. To add extensions to your browser is the best form of customization available for a browser and there are amazing Firefox extensions out there. Well, this is the first part of an article where we shall bring light to some of the best extensions available for Firefox 2.0.

Techtree.com India > More..

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