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November 20, 2010

Faenza Icon Theme not only for Ubuntu!

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The post Faenza Icon Theme Undergoes Major Upgrade, Tons of New Icons Included‘ pissed me off.


This beautiful icon theme is very easy to install by simply downloading this zip-file from tiheum.deviantart.com/.

Unpack the zip-file in Nautilus; “right click the zip-file and select extract here”

Then with your terminal:

cd /path/to/faenza_icons_by_tiheum-d2v6x24



And the icons will be installed locally after asking some questions about your preferences.

You can uninstall the icons by running


In your terminal.




December 27, 2008

Sid or Sidux?

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Having a look at Sidux 2008-04;

Sidux is based on the unstable branche of Debian, better known as Sid.
I decided to give it a go and see if its a good idea to use Sidux in stead of Sid.

I decided to try the kde-lite-amd64 live iso.
The boot up of the cd was remarkebly fast (compared to Ubuntu) and ended up with a good looking KDE 3.5.9 but unfortunately without a wirelss connection, so I opened the Sidux handbook available in the menu, and selected Internet and Networking, and chose Getting online > Ceni.
Ceni is a text based tool for wireless that asked me a few questions and before I knew it I was online with my wireless, the kernel on the live cd is 2.6.28, and the needed ath5k module was available, nice!

Time to run the installer, I had a partition available for / (root) and decided to hook up my /home partition for my /home/tuxicity.
The installer was easy to use, I chose to format / and leave /home as is, and continued with the installer.
Unfortunately the installer will not let you use a user name thats already set up on your /home so I had to make up a new name, I was not very happy with this “feature”. Also the installer does not tell you after setting up your partitions which ones are going to be formatted and which ones are going to be hooked up.
I had my fingers crossed when the installer started to do its automated thing, but everything went fine and my /home remained in tact 🙂 . The installation was quick and after reboot I went into my fresh KDE environment, looking the same as on the live cd, including the still working wifi!! The wifi setup was transported to my hd , very good!!
I did a apt-get update and apt-get install kde to install the rest of KDE and was ready to go in no time.
Sidux is great for people who prefer KDE3.5* over KDE4, its all Debian and runs like a charm.

I also installed Gnome (apt-get install gnome) and set up the GNOME Display Manager known as GDM(dpkg-reconfigure gdm).

Gnome looks pretty much like the Gnome used on Debian, and runs fine, but a Gnome2.20 with some 2.22 parts is a bit old, and as a Gnome user, too old for me.

After installing Xfce 4 Desktop Environment version 4.4.2 (apt-get install xfce4) I logged into a standard Debian Xfce4 environment, all works fine.


Sidux is a great Debian system, KDE3.5* centric, easy to install and to configure and includes the (now) latest kernel (2.6.28).
The Sidux tools seem to work very nicely; wireless was a breeze.
The feel of Sidux is fast and snappy, and it looks nice, specially with KDE.
Sidux is not really for the Gnome people,  the version is a bit outdated. (This will probably change when the next version of Debian aka Lenny becomes stable).
XFCE4 also runs fine, no news or novelties, like Gnome its all “Debian “. (XFCE4 will also be more updated as soon as Lenny comes out).
If you would like to use Debian Sid, I would go for Sidux; Sidux keeps running when there might be breakage in Sid, it has a more recent kernel and is easyer to maintain and set up.


October 26, 2007

Using Visual Effects on Ubuntu Gutsy ? Get Avant Window Navigator !

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Avant Window Navigator (Awn) is a dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen tracking open windows.

And, as a Gnome user, it looks very nice indeed, if you are into Visual Effects this is, in my opinion, a must have, especially for users of Alltray, which does not work with visual effects activated, this could be an attractive replacement.

You can download and install the Gutsy Gibbon (or an older Feisty Fawn) package from Getdeb.net.


Resources: Getdeb.net  and Avant window Navigator homepage.

October 23, 2007

My preferred theme on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Gnome, No Compiz)

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I like the default theme of Ubuntu, but I like another theme better;

Clearlooks,with Clearlooks-gperfection2 controls and Gartoon icons.

To set this up you need :

sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-extras gnome-icon-theme-gartoon

Go to: system – Preferences – Appearance,

Select Clearlooks and click the customize.. Button (at the bottom),
Select Clearlooks-gperfection2 (my preferred look, choose anything you might like)
Select Icons button (on top) and choose Gartoon (or any other iconset you like of course)

And man o man why does theming crash so often in Gutsy! or is it just me ?


October 17, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy and Compiz Fusion? No thanks.

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I recently installed Ubuntu-7.10rc and and since I have a NVidia card I opted for setting up the visual effects, a nice feature in Ubuntu-7.10.

I used it for a while but, tho its nice, its not my thing , the bling distracts me too much and honestly, I think this is more for KDE users.

I expect that many Gnome users will turn off this feature after having tried it for a while; On average Gnome users are not into bling.

For me visual effects in Ubuntu is comparable with having to work with a pretty lady with a deep cleavage, very nice but too distracting.


August 14, 2007

Changes in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon: Appearance in the preferences menu

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The Gui for Preferences of Themes, Backgrounds, Fonts, Interface, is now all integrated in one : gnome-appearance-properties.

When I right-clicked an empty spot on my desktop and selected “Change Desktop Background” I saw This:

screenshot-appearance-preferences-1.pngAn all new Preferences Suite with the Background Tab opened.

A new way of setting preferences in Gnome, and with the tabs I selected and checked the possibilities of this new “Preferences Suite”.

Here are some screenshots:

screenshot-appearance-preferences.pngSystem > Preferences > Appearance.

When you select the “Customize” button you can set up:

screenshot-customize-theme.pngCustomize Controls.

screenshot-customize-theme-2.pngCustomize Window Border.

screenshot-customize-theme-3.pngCustomize your Cursor, resizing of cursor is seemless.

The other tabs of gnome-appearance-properties include:

screenshot-appearance-preferences-2.pngSet up fonts.

screenshot-appearance-preferences-4.pngSet up Desktop Effects.

Gutsy gibbon is still in development, I also saw this 🙂



August 10, 2007

How to convert songs into mp3/ogg/flac/ and more in Gnome

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After reading “How To Convert Songs From An Audio CD Into MP3/Ogg Files With K3b” I felt like having read a howto for shooting a mouse with a cannon.

So here is the “Gnome Simplicity alternative”

When you insert an audio cd in a Gnome environment, Sound Juicer pops up giving you the choice of playing, or ripping it into whatever format you would like , no fuss no muss.

Of course you need the codecs installed to rip from cd to mp3.

Some Sound Juicer screenshots:

sound-juicer.pngSound Juicer.

soundjuicer-prefs.pngSelect preferences to choose in what format to rip.

soundjuicer.pngSelect you preferred format.

Grip is a good alternative to Sound Juicer for ripping cd’ s

If you would like to convert from flac to ogg/mp3 or mp3 to ogg/flac or whatever try SoundConverter.

Gnome rules when it comes to ripping!! 🙂

The images are made on Ubuntu Feisty,  edited  with the Gimp


August 8, 2007

Transmission is maturing.

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Transmission8.0 is out now and is in my opinion the first release of a Mature Bittorrent Client for Gnome (and XFCE4).

Very important to me is the ability to prioritize files and transmission8.0 has this feature.

Transmission can now compete with KDE’s Ktorrent as a complete, easy to configure torrent client.

Some screenshots:

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector.pngActivity of torrent downloads

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector-1.pngActivity of peers

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector-2.pngPriorotizing of files

Happy torrenting 🙂

The images are made on Ubuntu Feisty, edited with the Gimp, using Transmission8.0 downloaded from Getdeb.net.


June 8, 2007

Howto set up a proper KDE look for GTK (Gnome) Applications

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If you like KDE, but also want to use some Gnome applications, if they would not look so ugly in KDE, here is the solution.

There in a plugin that allows GTK applications to use Qt widget styles.

Its fairly easy to use, most distro’ s have it installed and can be set up with Kcontrol > Appearance and Themes > GTK Styles and Fonts.

If its not available by default in your distro, a “gtk-qt-engine” package is probably available the repository. If not, here is a download page with some instructions.


GTK-QT Theme engine homepage.

May 10, 2007

Downloading torrents with Transmission.

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As a Gnome Desktop user I try to avoid using KDE apps, and one of the apps I scraped recently is KTorrent in favour of Transmission.

Transmission is a non-intrusive torrent client which works the Gnome way : Downloading and sharing torrents without bells and whistles.

As an Ubuntu Feisty user I downloaded the latest stable transmission with Firefox from getdeb.net and let GDebi install it.

Transmission homepage.
Transmission screenshots.
Transmission forum.


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