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March 22, 2007

Gwget: Download manager for Gnome

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Lots to download and in need of a download manager? Try Gwget.

Gwget is easy to use and easy to set up:

  • It can resume your downloads
  • You can set it to do a limited amount of downloads at the time
  • You can manage your download speed
  • It docks in your panel; if you accidentally shut it down it docks and continues to run.
  • Drag and Drop support.

Gwget is a frontend of wget, a CLI downloadmanager.

Gwget is available for Ubuntu in the universe repositories.

sudo apt-get install gwget



March 16, 2007

Gnome Main Menu has a contender: Gimmie, Both are available in Ubuntu Feisty.

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Gnome Main Menu, a start menu applet, comparable with Kickoff for KDE, has a little Brother: Gimmie.

I have no special preference, they are close relatives and both likable.

If you are Using Feisty; both are available, make sure to have the universe/multiverse repositories set up.

sudo apt-get install gimmie gnome-main-menu

Here is a screenshot of Gimmie:

A screenshot of Gnome Main Menu:

Happy comparing,


A docker for KDE, GNOME and XFCE4.

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After reading dockers for Linux , I felt “kinda” pissed off.

The story is listed in NewsForge.

It is a KDE oriented article about several dockers for the KDE desktop, all great and good.

No problem with that, but not mentioning Alltray makes me feel asif this article is not giving a complete picture.

The fact that Alltray not only works in KDE but also in GNOME and XFCE4 only makes this docker greater, if not the best.

A story about dockers for KDE should be complete, and should also mention dockers like Alltray, even if they are not specifically made for KDE only.


I haven’t read the article correctly and was too hastily in my comment, Alltray is a nice app but has nothing to do with the story I commented on, Thanks Fool for pointing this out in your comment. My bad.

March 15, 2007

Foresight Linux 1.1 is out, first distro with GNOME 2.18 desktop

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You can Download Foresight Linux here.

  • Epiphany is the new default web browser (not my choice).

Lets hope they have Firefox available.

  • For users with visual impairments, Foresight comes with a flexible, extensible, and powerful assistive technology: Orca.
  • With the Evince document viewer you now have a more advanced presentation mode. Evince will also stop the screensaver if one is detected. Evince supports many popular formats: PDF, Postscript Multi-Page TIFF, DVI, DjVu, Impress.
  • Tomboy (0.6.1) note taking application now supports: bullet point support, search, pin notes and backlinks.
  • Foresight is providing a faster search with the combination of Beagle (0.12) via the Deskbar (that now supports Drag & Drop and Firefox 2.0 search engines). By typing search terms into the Deskbar entry in your panel you are presented with the search results as you type.
  • Seahorse (1.0) lets you manage many kinds of keys and passwords. Seahorse enables you to encrypt, sign, decrypt and verify the contents of the clipboard.

Information taken from the newspage and the downloadpage of Foresight.

News came to me through Distrowatch, hinting me to the fact Foresight is released with GNOME 2.18.


March 10, 2007

New addition in Gnome Games 2.18 : GNOME Sudoku

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Gnome Sudoku is going to be added to Gnome-games 2.18 and is available in the current Gnome 2.17 and its a great addition.

I noticed it today in Ubuntu Feisty where it is included now.

And Fun it is, it has features like

  • Hints
  • Hightlighter
  • Track addition
  • Make- and clear notes.

Good addition to Gnome games, Good addition for Ubuntu Feisty.

*gnome-sudoku is available as a separate package in Ubuntu Dapper and – Edgy.


March 8, 2007

Howto: Set up Gmail in Evolution, Gnome’s Mail Client and Organizer

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In Gmail POP can be enabled , and here is how to set it up for Evolution.

  • Login to your gmail account and select Forwarding and POP.

Enable pop and set pop up in the way you prefer. (At least make sure pop is enabled.)

  • Open evolution:

Select Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts
Select the Add Button > (Evolution Assistant Account starts.


March 6, 2007

Ubuntu Basics; Mouse Magic with Nautilus

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Gnome is known for its simplicity, so here is some Nautilus mouse-magic simplicity for you.

Open Places > Home Folder in your menu to open nautilus.

Go to the folder where the ISO image is,
Right-click the ISO and select burn to burn it do disc
Double-click the ISO to check the contents of the ISO

  • You wish to burn data on a CD-r(w) or DVD-r(w)

Insert the DVD or CD,
Double-click the CD/DVD icon that appears on the desktop,
Nautilus CD/DVD Creator opens,
Drag and drop the data into Nautilus CD/DVD Creator,
Select burn in Nautilus CD/DVD Creator, a dialog will pop up and the CD/DVD can be be created.
*If you inserted a DVD-rw of CD-rw containing data, the dialog will ask you if you wish to erase the disk.

  • Extracting archives

Right-click a package that needs to be extracted, select extract here.
Double-click a package to see its contents.

  • Debian packages

Double-click a Debian package and a dialog will pop up to install the package. (You need to be sure the package is compatible!)
Right-click a Debian package to extract it.

  • Handling of folders

Right-click a folder and you can rename it, archive it and check its properties and move it to trash.
Double-click a folder to go into the folder.

If you use Gnome and want some action done, remember:

  • A double-click does a default action, for example a movie is opened by Totem, a music-file is opened by Rhythmbox, etc.
  • A right-click opens a dialog asking you what you would like to do with the item you clicked..

That’s simplicity and ease of Gnome and mouse magic.


Distro’s and (lack of) Packages.

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I prefer Gnome over KDE, and also prefer Ubuntu Brown over Mandriva Blue, its all a matter of personal preference.

In other words, who cares, I am not going to flame anyone.

In KDE I need some Gnome apps, and need some KDE apps when using Gnome

In Gnome I use the following KDE apps:

In KDE I would use the following Gnome apps:

There are usable replacement apps for both DE’s, but this just works better for me, and is the reason I have both environments installed.

My first experiences with distro’s that had an abundance of packages were Debian and Gentoo, and for the same reason I use now Ubuntu. There is so much to discover!

I’ll never be happy with any distro that has exclusively KDE or Gnome or in any other way a limited set of packages, however fast and/or stable it may be.

There are so many great open source applications to discover, and one of them might just be the one that suits me best.


February 28, 2007

2pane filemanagers; Krusader (KDE) and GNOME Commander

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In the old days we had Norton Commander as our powerful 2-pane filemanager for DOS, and MC (Midnight-Commander) ‘which is still a great tool for file management’ for Linux.

Windows Commander, now Total Commander derived from Norton Commander is now an excellent 2pane file manager for Window$.

One of the first things I looked for in Linux, when I started using it, was a filemanager like Total Commander.

The two best 2pane filemanagers are in My opinion Krusader for KDE and GNOME Commander for GNOME and XFCE4 .

Best of all, they are free, have no nag screen like Total Commanders shareware version has, and have the same power.

Yet another reason to switch to Linux 🙂

Screenshots and documentation about GNOME Commander.

Screenshots and documentation about Krusader.

February 24, 2007

Analysis: Linus versus GNOME

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original from desktoplinux.com:

Analysis — It’s no secret that Linus Torvalds, Linux’s founder, dislikes the GNOME desktop. In 2005, for example, Torvalds posted on the GNOME-usability list that “I personally just encourage people to switch to KDE.”


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