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December 10, 2009

Thunderbird 3

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The Thunderbird3 package has arrived in Archlinux, and makes Thunderbird2 instantly obsolete.

When I started Thunderbird3 it asked me 3 (three) questions.
  1. How do you want your name displayed
  2. Whats your E-Mail adress
  3. Whats the password, with a tic box for remembering password.

After that Thunderbird probed and detected my Gmail settings, including imap, ssl and what not

And thats all I had to do to set up my (Gmail) account.
Thunderbird3 rocks! , use it.

March 9, 2007

Google Docs as a Blog Editor

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So here I am, slamming out a quickie blog post in Google Docs, composition has gone great, its easy to use, surprisingly robust, especially in some areas (like key bindings) where I didn’t expect a webapp to do such a nice job.

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March 8, 2007

Howto: Set up Gmail in Evolution, Gnome’s Mail Client and Organizer

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In Gmail POP can be enabled , and here is how to set it up for Evolution.

  • Login to your gmail account and select Forwarding and POP.

Enable pop and set pop up in the way you prefer. (At least make sure pop is enabled.)

  • Open evolution:

Select Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts
Select the Add Button > (Evolution Assistant Account starts.


February 23, 2007

Google to launch new office tools in challenge to Microsoft

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For $50 (£26) a year per user, Google Apps Premier Edition will offer corporate customers a bundle of web-based applications including e-mail, a word processor and a spreadsheet. It will compete with Microsoft’s Office, which includes the software stalwarts Word and Excel.

TimesOnline .. More..

February 9, 2007

Why Google Office Matters And Other Microsoft Competitors Don’t

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Why? They lack critical mass even though they may be innovative. Zoho? Nope. ThinkFree? Interesting concept but not enough mass. Meanwhile none of the alternatives are perfect. Browser-based subscription services sometimes lack offline access. Offline suites don’t integrate with the Web with anytime, anywhere access or enable seamless upgrades.
SeekingAlpha :: More..

January 13, 2007

Google releases MacFUSE

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Google today released MacFUSE, an open-source port of the FUSE “Filesystem in Userspace” mechanism previously only available on Linux and FreeBSD systems.

MacNN | Google releases MacFUSE :: More…

January 5, 2007

Google sponsors Linux notebooks for Fijian schools

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A substantial grant from Google has enabled notebook computers running Linux and a variety of open source software to be rolled out at rural schools in Fiji.
iTWire – More..

Google Teams With Chinese Video, Gaming Site

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Google is partnering with a Chinese company which provides video and game downloads in an effort to expand its presence in China. Google said it would add its search technology to services offered by Xunlei Network Technology. Google and Xunlei did not release financial details

Linuxinsider | More..

Using Google As A Hacking Tool

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Does using Google Search for malicious purposes affect the application of their “Don’t Be Evil” motto even if the negative activity isn’t actually their fault? Should Google restrict some of their search command capabilities if the results are being used to attack other sites?

If you ask the folks who were victims of these types of attacks, then yes, Google should apply limitations to some of their search query commands.

WebProBlog – More..

January 4, 2007

Firefox Developer Criticizes Google

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Firefox and Google have enjoyed a quaint partnership as of late. The search engine giant has helped sponsor the development of the increasingly popular web browser, and in return Firefox has embedded Google as the default search engine and start page in the application.

webpronews | More…

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