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December 27, 2008

Sid or Sidux?

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Having a look at Sidux 2008-04;

Sidux is based on the unstable branche of Debian, better known as Sid.
I decided to give it a go and see if its a good idea to use Sidux in stead of Sid.

I decided to try the kde-lite-amd64 live iso.
The boot up of the cd was remarkebly fast (compared to Ubuntu) and ended up with a good looking KDE 3.5.9 but unfortunately without a wirelss connection, so I opened the Sidux handbook available in the menu, and selected Internet and Networking, and chose Getting online > Ceni.
Ceni is a text based tool for wireless that asked me a few questions and before I knew it I was online with my wireless, the kernel on the live cd is 2.6.28, and the needed ath5k module was available, nice!

Time to run the installer, I had a partition available for / (root) and decided to hook up my /home partition for my /home/tuxicity.
The installer was easy to use, I chose to format / and leave /home as is, and continued with the installer.
Unfortunately the installer will not let you use a user name thats already set up on your /home so I had to make up a new name, I was not very happy with this “feature”. Also the installer does not tell you after setting up your partitions which ones are going to be formatted and which ones are going to be hooked up.
I had my fingers crossed when the installer started to do its automated thing, but everything went fine and my /home remained in tact 🙂 . The installation was quick and after reboot I went into my fresh KDE environment, looking the same as on the live cd, including the still working wifi!! The wifi setup was transported to my hd , very good!!
I did a apt-get update and apt-get install kde to install the rest of KDE and was ready to go in no time.
Sidux is great for people who prefer KDE3.5* over KDE4, its all Debian and runs like a charm.

I also installed Gnome (apt-get install gnome) and set up the GNOME Display Manager known as GDM(dpkg-reconfigure gdm).

Gnome looks pretty much like the Gnome used on Debian, and runs fine, but a Gnome2.20 with some 2.22 parts is a bit old, and as a Gnome user, too old for me.

After installing Xfce 4 Desktop Environment version 4.4.2 (apt-get install xfce4) I logged into a standard Debian Xfce4 environment, all works fine.


Sidux is a great Debian system, KDE3.5* centric, easy to install and to configure and includes the (now) latest kernel (2.6.28).
The Sidux tools seem to work very nicely; wireless was a breeze.
The feel of Sidux is fast and snappy, and it looks nice, specially with KDE.
Sidux is not really for the Gnome people,  the version is a bit outdated. (This will probably change when the next version of Debian aka Lenny becomes stable).
XFCE4 also runs fine, no news or novelties, like Gnome its all “Debian “. (XFCE4 will also be more updated as soon as Lenny comes out).
If you would like to use Debian Sid, I would go for Sidux; Sidux keeps running when there might be breakage in Sid, it has a more recent kernel and is easyer to maintain and set up.



March 3, 2008

KDE, Debian Sid and Left Handed Mouse.

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Yes I am left handed, and it seems there is a bug for Left handed people to be fixed if you use KDE in Debian Sid.

Since the bug is not fixed yet, here is a simple workaround to fix this issue. (It worked for me)

Open your Konsole,
now type :

xmodmap -e “pointer = 3 2 1 4 5 6 7”

and key in enter and check if your mouse works correctly, if it does we can make an executable.

cd .kde/Autostart/

nano -w switchleft.sh

Put in the following line:

xmodmap -e “pointer = 3 2 1 4 5 6 7”

now close nano with the command ctrl – x and when it asks to save, answer y.
now we have to make switchleft.sh executable, we can do this with the command:

chmod +x switchleft.sh

(assuming you are still in .kde/Autostart/)

Thats it, it should work now.
If your mouse does not like my suggestion you can also try

xmodmap -e “pointer = 3 2 1 6 7 4 5”


Good luck


Resources; bugs.kde.org.

June 8, 2007

Howto set up a proper KDE look for GTK (Gnome) Applications

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If you like KDE, but also want to use some Gnome applications, if they would not look so ugly in KDE, here is the solution.

There in a plugin that allows GTK applications to use Qt widget styles.

Its fairly easy to use, most distro’ s have it installed and can be set up with Kcontrol > Appearance and Themes > GTK Styles and Fonts.

If its not available by default in your distro, a “gtk-qt-engine” package is probably available the repository. If not, here is a download page with some instructions.


GTK-QT Theme engine homepage.

March 28, 2007

First experimental KDE 4 svn rpms for Fedora

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Chitlesh Goorah has prepared a set of Fedora rpm packages containing a checkout of the KDE 4 developmetn trunk of the KDE svn.

Of course these packages do install KDE 4 only to some /opt/ directory and are strictly for demonstration and development only. However installs them should be very clear about what he/she does.

March 25, 2007

Cures for KDE Boredom (Part1 and 2)

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The writer tries to do something about the KDE desktop; default settings can be so boring…..

The story is mostly for beginning KDE users looking for quick ways to improve the default looks.

  • Part one is about changing backgrounds and  how to configure your virtual desktops.
  • Part two is about changing your dullsville toolbar into something more interesting .

The story includes screenshots, and uses a Kubuntu distribution.


March 22, 2007

Lightweight Linux That’s Both Beautiful *and* Functional

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Howto revamp an “old” computer using Xubuntu or Ubuntu with FVWM-Crystal.

The writer, (Michael J. Jordan), being a KDE adept, says:

“XFCE4 looks like a stripped down KDE”.

A “remarkable statement” in a properly written howto.


March 19, 2007

Cool Tool: Drop-down terminal for Linux is available in Ubuntu

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Tectonic wrote a story about Tilda, it made me curious, so I checked if Ubuntu had it available, and it did , its in the universe repository.

sudo apt-get install tilda

It has nice features like transparency making it look kinda cool on your desktop, the F1 button lets Tilda scroll up and/or down, its a must have app for the command line user on Gnome and XFCE4.

For KDE there is Yakuake, similar application available in universe for kubuntu:

sudo apt-get install yakuake.

Some reads:


March 16, 2007

A docker for KDE, GNOME and XFCE4.

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After reading dockers for Linux , I felt “kinda” pissed off.

The story is listed in NewsForge.

It is a KDE oriented article about several dockers for the KDE desktop, all great and good.

No problem with that, but not mentioning Alltray makes me feel asif this article is not giving a complete picture.

The fact that Alltray not only works in KDE but also in GNOME and XFCE4 only makes this docker greater, if not the best.

A story about dockers for KDE should be complete, and should also mention dockers like Alltray, even if they are not specifically made for KDE only.


I haven’t read the article correctly and was too hastily in my comment, Alltray is a nice app but has nothing to do with the story I commented on, Thanks Fool for pointing this out in your comment. My bad.

March 11, 2007

Howto: Set up Gmail in KMail, Mailclient of KDE

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A few days ago I made a Post of how To Set Up Evolution for Gmail, now here is also one for KMail, both Clients are not included in the Howto’s of GMail.

  • Login to your Gmail account and select Forwarding and POP.

*If you start KMail for the first time you get a dialog to setup your account, if possible you might be able to use that but I am not sure of that, if not close the dialog and continue :

  • Start kmail

Go to settings > Configure KMail

  • Select accounts

First the Receiving tab:

Select add
Add account pops up: Flag pop3

Now continue

First open the Extras Tab!: flag “Use SSL for secure mail download”, This setting is needed for Gmail and also provides you with the port needed for Gmail: Port 995.

Now select the General Tab.

Account name -> your account name
Login -> foo@ gmail.com
Password -> yourpassword
Host -> pop.gmail.com
Other settings can be flagged as you wish.
Select ok


Now continuing with The Sending tab In Accounts:

Select add

In Transport SMTP first select the Security Tab!
Flag SSL; this setting is needed in GMail and also Provides you with the needed Port: 465

Now go to the General Tab.
Name -> foo@gmail.com
Host-> smtp.gmail.com
Flag-> Server requires authenication
Login -> foo@gmail.com
Password -> yourpassword
Select store password if you wish.


The Sending Tab can also use the smtp server provided by you ISP, wich is imo better; No advertising in your send mail.

Thats it,


March 9, 2007

K3b enters new era with approaching 1.0 release

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One of free software’s premier applications, KDE’s CD and DVD burning suite K3b, is about to hit the big 1-0. This milestone touts rewritten DVD video ripping and a refocused interface design. The new release represents a level of feature-completeness and stability that surpasses all previous K3b releases and, perhaps, all free software competitors

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