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January 23, 2011

Unhappy with Gnome-Shell and/or Unity? XFCE4.8 to the rescue!

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I don’t like Unity and I don’t like Gnome-Shell.
For me its not productive and/or useful.
XFCE4.8 fills that gap for me.
I am using Xubuntu Natty and the XFCE4.8 packages are flooding in.
Works great and am not missing Gnome.
Are you unhappy with the developments in Gnome and/or Ubuntu?
Move to Xubuntu Natty or any other distro delivering XFCE4.8.


August 8, 2007

Transmission is maturing.

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Transmission8.0 is out now and is in my opinion the first release of a Mature Bittorrent Client for Gnome (and XFCE4).

Very important to me is the ability to prioritize files and transmission8.0 has this feature.

Transmission can now compete with KDE’s Ktorrent as a complete, easy to configure torrent client.

Some screenshots:

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector.pngActivity of torrent downloads

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector-1.pngActivity of peers

screenshot-transmission-torrent-inspector-2.pngPriorotizing of files

Happy torrenting 🙂

The images are made on Ubuntu Feisty, edited with the Gimp, using Transmission8.0 downloaded from Getdeb.net.


May 12, 2007

Howto: Install Xfce 4.4.1 on (X)Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

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Ubuntu Feisty comes with an xubuntu-desktop package delivering a Xfce4.4.0 Desktop environment.

However, some of us (like me) want the latest of the latest, so if you are not faint hearted and feel like upgrading your Xfce desktop to the latest stable version here is how.

sudo apt-get install build-essential libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev libxml-dev libvte-dev libstartup-notification0-dev libhal-storage-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libxrender-dev libxdamage-dev libjpeg62-dev libxml++2.6-dev

Now the needed dependencies should be installed, it was all I needed and hopefully that goes for you too.

Now its time to download the Graphical installer:

wget http://mocha.xfce.org/archive/xfce-4.4.1/installers/xfce4-4.4.1-installer.run

Now simply run the installer with this command:

sudo sh xfce4-4.4.1-installer.run

The installer should after uncompressing fire up and before continuing you can even check if there is a missing depency. I could not find the xrender dependency but it did not cause any problems with the installation.

Make sure the alsa mixer flag gets unchecked! Its not needed in Ubuntu and will therefore break the installation.

The default installation folder is /usr/local/ and suited me fine.

The installer compiles all packages and takes about 20- to 30 min.
If you wish you can easy remove Xfce4.4.1 in: Applications > System Tools > Software Uninstaller.

I noticed that in GDM there are to different entries for Xfce4 now, but both lead to Xfce 4.4.1 so it seems it overrules the original Xfce4 of (X)Ubuntu.

Beryl runs perfectly the latest Xfce4 and I am enjoying it greatly.

Xfce4 homepage.
Xfce4 downloadpage
to select a Mirror for the Graphical installer.
Some (outdated) documentation.

And some trial and error.


March 22, 2007

Lightweight Linux That’s Both Beautiful *and* Functional

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Howto revamp an “old” computer using Xubuntu or Ubuntu with FVWM-Crystal.

The writer, (Michael J. Jordan), being a KDE adept, says:

“XFCE4 looks like a stripped down KDE”.

A “remarkable statement” in a properly written howto.


March 19, 2007

Cool Tool: Drop-down terminal for Linux is available in Ubuntu

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Tectonic wrote a story about Tilda, it made me curious, so I checked if Ubuntu had it available, and it did , its in the universe repository.

sudo apt-get install tilda

It has nice features like transparency making it look kinda cool on your desktop, the F1 button lets Tilda scroll up and/or down, its a must have app for the command line user on Gnome and XFCE4.

For KDE there is Yakuake, similar application available in universe for kubuntu:

sudo apt-get install yakuake.

Some reads:


March 16, 2007

A docker for KDE, GNOME and XFCE4.

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After reading dockers for Linux , I felt “kinda” pissed off.

The story is listed in NewsForge.

It is a KDE oriented article about several dockers for the KDE desktop, all great and good.

No problem with that, but not mentioning Alltray makes me feel asif this article is not giving a complete picture.

The fact that Alltray not only works in KDE but also in GNOME and XFCE4 only makes this docker greater, if not the best.

A story about dockers for KDE should be complete, and should also mention dockers like Alltray, even if they are not specifically made for KDE only.


I haven’t read the article correctly and was too hastily in my comment, Alltray is a nice app but has nothing to do with the story I commented on, Thanks Fool for pointing this out in your comment. My bad.

February 20, 2007

Xfce 4.4: The best lightweight desktop environment

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For years, the lightweight Xfce has been a popular desktop environment for Linux distributions running on older hardware, thanks to its lower demand on resources as compared to KDE and GNOME; it’s an ideal desktop for machines with less than 256MB of memory. Until recently, however, using Xfce was a little laborious, but with its latest release last month, Xfce is a much more usable desktop environment.

Linux.com | Xfce 4.4: The best lightweight desktop environment .:. More…

February 16, 2007

Alltray, Dock everything

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Alltray has been added to Debian unstable main.

About Alltray:

With AllTray you can dock any application with no native tray icon (like Evolution, Thunderbird, Terminals) into the system tray. A high-light feature is that a click on the “close” button will minimize back to system tray. It works well with Gnome, KDE, XFCE 4*, Fluxbox* and WindowMaker*

Tried it and will continue to use it, I have an uncrowded window list in my panel now, specially the
“close button will minimize back to system tray” feature rocks. 🙂

January 29, 2007

Howto: install Native xfce4.4 on (X)Ubuntu6.10 (edgy)

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Its cool to have the latest and the greatest
Specially if you like Xfce4.

The installation will be installed next to your original Xfce4 install of Ubuntu so no need to delete anything or change anything.

Xfce4.4 can be selected separately in a new entry on your gdm-sessions so you can always switch back to your original Xfce , the new Xfce install will also use your personal settings so nothing will get lost. 🙂 .

A dependency install first :

sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml-parser-perl libgtk2.0-dev libxml2-dev libvte-dev libxpm-dev libdbh-4.5-dev libxfce4mcs-dev liburi-perl libCGI-perl libwww-perl libxml-perl libdbus-1-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libstartup-notification0-dev libhal-storage-dev libxcomposite-dev libxdamage-dev libjpeg62-dev

Now to download the xfce4.4 installer:

wget http://mocha.xfce.org/archive/xfce-4.4.0/installers/xfce4-4.4.0-installer.run

now run the installer using sudo:

sudo sh xfce4-4.4.0-installer.run

Xfce4.4 gets installed by default in /usr/local/ witch is fine , and does not interfere with the original ubuntu packages of xfce4.

When de installer pops up it shows the dependencies it has and sees, missing dependencies are flagged red and need to be hunted down , but as far as I know I have them all covered in this howto.

In the “choose the features you want to include window of the installer, make sure to check ¨ setup display managers”, and to uncheck “Use alsa for the xfce mixer”
I also checked “extensive optimizations”, “incude debugging support” however can be left unchecked. click next again and let it ride.
Now you can have a coffee or walk the dog for you are going to do a real compile of Xfce4.4!

It takes about 40 min on my pc; AMD Athlon 2200+ and one gig ram.

Now restart X and select in gdm > sessions > XFCE4.4
Done !

Not happy ? To uninstall run :

sudo /usr/local/bin/xfce4.uninstall

 This howto assumes you have universe and multiverse active in the repositories

January 24, 2007

Linux Desktop Gets a New (X) Face ; Xfce 4.4 is now available!

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Linux Desktop Gets a New (X) Face ::

The term Linux desktop is a bit of misnomer since there are actually many Linux desktop environments, including KDE and GNOME. Xfce is another Linux desktop option.

Xfce 4.4 is now available, boasting new features that will change the way that its Linux desktop looks and works. Both KDE and GNOME have been known to be resource-intensive desktops that limit their use and practical functionality on low-end hardware.

But Xfce is a stripped down graphical environment that will run on low-end hardware and run faster due to its reduced resource requirements.

The reduced footprint doesn’t necessarily translate into reduced usability, especially when it comes to Xfce 4.4. Among the new features in Xfce 4.4 is the new Thunar file manager.

“Along with Thunar, comes the ability to place launchers and documents on the desktop,” Xfce Project Lead Olivier Fourdan told internetnews.com. “Users have asked so many times about it, that it’s great to have it.

Fourdan said users can also choose to have iconified applications placed on the desktop, or nothing at all,

Though KDE and GNOME represent the majority of Linux desktop installations, there is sweet spot for users that find uses for Xfce.

“It would be hard for me to imagine just how people use Xfce, it’s a very versatile and customizable environment,” Fourdan said. “It can be tweaked to run low end systems, or take advantage of the latest compositing capabilities of Xorg.”

After KDE and GNOME, there are other desktop window managers such as Fluxbox, Icewm or Window Maker, though Fourdan argues they are all much simpler than what Xfce provides. According to him, Xfce is not just a window manager (though it does include a window manager), so it’s necessarily more resource-demanding than a simpler window manager.

“Xfce is in between the heavyweight desktops such as GNOME or KDE and the simpler window managers,” Fourdan said. “It tries to be faster and lighter than the two big ones, without sacrificing usability.”

Competition, however, isn’t Fourdan’s goal. For Xfce developers, it’s all about making an environment that they enjoy developing and using.

Moreover, distributions such as the Xubuntu, which is Ubuntu (which uses GNOME) but with Xfce as the window manager and Zenwalk (which also has Xfce as the default), are helping to grow the user base for Xfce.

“Using a distribution that ships Xfce by default, such as Xubuntu or Zenwalk, is definitely the easiest way to try Xfce,” Fourdan said. “But thanks to the graphical installers, anyone can try Xfce with minimal knowledge of source compilation.”

What’s in store for the future of Xfce?

For the short term, the community will likely create bug fix improvements to Xfce 4.4 as they pop up, though discussions have already begun for the 4.6 release.

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